Internet Of Things

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Internet of  Things

The IoT has enormous beneficial opportunities for customers and consumers—but its evolution has been affected by product development challenges, such as rapidly changing requirements, consumer expectations, pricing and heavy competition.

As widespread consumer adoption of connected devices increases, so does the pressure on customers to create differentiated, high-end devices that are powerful, yet power-efficient, and interoperable yet highly secure.

Our vision is to enable the IoT, a world in which consumers and businesses enjoy rich new services, connected by an intelligent and secure mobile network.

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Cutting-edge technology

In order to achieve high customer and consumer satisfaction, we offer advanced connectivity and computing technologies that provide value, accelerate innovation and deliver expanded capabilities for current and future IoT end products.

Proven Platforms

We approach each IoT customer application with a unique focus and purpose in order to effectively meet different product needs and requirements. We create easily implementable solutions—helping get products to consumers quickly and at a low cost. All of which helps make smarter homes, smarter cities and even wearables and smart bodies even more intelligent.

Building technology

Hundreds of customers, including some of the best-known consumer brands, benefit from developing and successfully launching IoT products quickly and at a low cost. Building on our connectivity history and experience, we continue to assist customers in getting their innovative products to consumers.

What we Do

Mobile IOT

Working with mobile operators and the wider ecosystem to raise market awareness and support of commercial licensed spectrum low power wide area solutions

IOT secutity

We deliver a set of IoT Security Guidelines, backed by an IoT Security Assessment scheme, to provide a proven and robust approach to end-to-end security. And also working with mobile operators and the wider industry to further accelerate  the adoption of the guidelines and the assessment.

IOT Big Data

We are working with the mobile industry to make harmonised data sets available to developers and third parties through common application programme interfaces (APIs). By working with mobile operators on common enablers,we also help to remove commercial and technical barriers to create value from the IoT big data opportunity.

Estimated No. of Enterprise & Government IOT Devices Connected To An Edge Solution



Ensuring care for golden years – Way forward for India.

Rolling out devices of IoT in healthcare facilities is more feasible than ever before, but there remain a few reasons why some providers are holding off full-scale deployments. With the advancements in sensor technology, miniaturization of devices communicating wirelessly is effective in nature and performs without user intervention.


It will not be enough for companies to simply add more sensors to their equipment. They need to have a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve and why, if they are to get the most out of the technology.

Facing the new normal of lower oil prices, the O&G industry is beginning to see the IoT’s importance to future success.


IoT in manufacturing is about creating smarter products, connecting and integrating with customers, and accelerating innovation.

The potential for cyber-physical systems to improve productivity in the production process and the supply chain is vast. The deeper meshing of virtual and physical machines offers the potential to truly transform the manufacturing value chain.


It is early days for automakers in the IoT journey. Today, auto companies mention precise customer segmentation as the top business process improvement related to IoT. Proactive service and identifying problems before customers do was cited as the second improvement.

The road ahead for the industry is open and lined with opportunity. It’s time to shift into high gear.

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