Blockchain is the world’s leading software platform for digital assets.The blockchain technology is being actively adopted by finance, retail, insurance, and other industries as it helps to achieve well established workflows through simplifying record / identity management, transaction processing, goods provenance and traceability.

Knowledgeable about enterprise-grade blockchain frameworks that allow for addressing a variety of industry-specific needs, we help organizations to enhance the existing workflows, achieve transparency, mitigate fraud, and improve customer experience.

Ultimately, any solution, no matter how prescient, is only as good as its execution. This is where we excel—by offering proven expertise in managing complex implementation programs from start to finish.

What We Deliver:

  • Rapidly implementing proof-of-concept blockchain based prototypes
  • Design, development, testing and training of blockchain solutions
  • Crafting and implementing smart contracts
  • Rigorous PMO and proactive management of overall efforts

Fast and Agile Solution Delivery

Idea Evaluation

Collaborating with us, you will be able to evaluate feasibility of a blockchain-based project to be developed, define the success criteria, and elaborate a delivery strategy with minimum time-to-market.

Product / Solution Design

Our engineers design the solution’s architecture, relying on tried-and-true approaches and mature blockchain frameworks.

Product / Solution Delivery

Developers here are respectful to meeting critical deadlines and the established budget, while ensuring the product’s excellence.

Transition into Production

Complying with user acquisition plan, we take care to seamlessly move from deployment into production.

Continuous Improvement and Support

Our team is always on guard to assist you in further improving the developed solution up to the demands of end users.

What we offer

Proof of Concept

Validating technical approaches offered by a blockchain framework, we help you to assess whether the chosen solution addresses your needs. We also investigate into alternatives to employ, as well as identifies the aspects to be further improved.

Proof of Value

We assists you in defining whether blockchain is the right fit for adoption by your organization. We analyze what financial and time resources the adoption may require, as well as contemplate if return on investment is measurable and justified.


We help enterprises to start off their blockchain journey by evaluating which blockchain offering on the market suites a particular case. We also aid you in removing both business and technology-related constraints on the way.




Usage of blockchain for redesigning costly legacy workflows, improving liquidity, and also free up capital. The technology can help reduce infrastructure costs, increase transparency, reduce fraud, and improve execution and settlement times.


To always have access to your healthcare records, and grant people access or revoke a person’s reach from your healthcare records, and have that data always anchored, encrypted, and protected on blockchain provide fast, secure, authenticated access.

Retail and Manufacturing

Blockchain can offer the retail and manufacturing industries better supply chain management, smart contract platforms, digital currencies, and tighter cybersecurity.


Blockchain could increase the transparency and traceability of how money is spent in government. It could also track asset registration, such as vehicles, and reduce fraud and operation costs. The technology is getting mature, and we want you to be able to succeed.


Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.