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Comsumer Device And Electronics

The market is undergoing a major shift which pivots around “consumer experiences” around the products.

An understanding of multiple industry domains enables us to cross-leverage and build unified solutions that cut across multiple devices, platforms and service providers.

We lead the way with in-depth market knowledge, gathered through extensive industry experience. An understanding of multiple industry domains enables us to cross-leverage and build unified solutions that cut across multiple devices, platforms and service providers

Our Services

Electronic Design (Hardware & VLSI Design)

Together with schematic development, we create a device case design. On the basis of this sketch and other interface, we create a solid model and device construction and perform PCB layout in the necessary form-factor.

We understand that by skipping any stage of project development we maximize the risks and shift them, as a rule, to the final stage of product full-scale production.

Customer & Revenue Management

We help clients capture elusive growth and boost profits by building and embedding best practices in modern trade, fragmented trade, and revenue management.

Superior customer management helps our clients identify and capture growth opportunities, often in partnership with retailers. Leveraging our global footprint and our familiarity with all major consumer markets, we serve leading consumer goods companies on topics that include modern trade, fragmented trade, and revenue management.

Product Verification & Validation

Test plan design, embedded system test design, compatibility and interoperability, compliance testing, and regression testing.

Our experience shows that if you do not take into consideration the necessity of making preliminary certification tests then you are at a higher risk of experiencing material losses later.


We help clients develop specific marketing approaches to drive value in their respective regions, brand portfolios, product categories, and competitive environments.

We consider brands our clients’ biggest assets and help them develop relevant and distinctive brand strategies.

Embedded Software Design

Embedded software design, middleware, rich embedded system applications, and interactive GUIs for consumer electronics, computer peripherals and converged/ smart products.


We cover all critical aspects of operations in the consumer goods industry, including operations strategy, supply chain management, manufacturing strategy, lean operations, procurement, and design to value. Our operations stay agile to enable to support innovation and manage complexity for our clients to achieve their goals.

How we Help you

Digital Transformation

  • Consumer products and retail companies have to deal with the difficulties of consolidation, discounting, and new channels based on digital technologies.
  • Changing customer needs and the arrival of digital technologies have elevated this rivalry to a new level.

Conversational Commerce

  • The potential to drive a different level of relationship, engagement, and brand affiliation. Rather than being a threat to existing operating models
  • Conversational Commerce is an opportunity to create a new value for consumer-centric industries.

Applied Innovation Capabilities

  • We help you to immerse yourself in the understanding, experimentation of application
  • Emerging conversational technologies, as well as to address the business disruptions confronting you and the industry.

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IoT products give us greater control over door locks, lights and appliances; offer insights into resource consumption habits; streamline business processes; and better connect us to the people, systems and environments that shape our daily lives.

Digital Supply Chain

Digital streaming technology that makes it possible to stream content anywhere, anytime. Embedded software that enables manufacturers to manage capacity across networks. In the very near future, supply chain design and planning will have to incorporate content delivery as part of their planning processes in addition to the physical supply chain.

Artificial Intelligence

As consumers, we are growing accustomed to the ever sophisticated technology that is becoming pervasive in our lives. Combination of these technologies to deliver true AI to Product Development teams through a powerful SDK/API.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics products are evolving rapidly to meet the changing requirements of the consumers. We focus on emerging economies, expansion through mergers, multichannel retailing, innovations and horizontal integration are few of the strategies adopted by leading players in the consumer electronics market.

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