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Blockchain technology has the potential to transform health care, placing the patient at the center of the health care ecosystem and increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data.

Growing demand for healthcare services and integrated-care delivery, coupled with increased focus on member-health management, accentuates the need for an information technology system that can remove dependency on middlemen. Our blockchain based-system can help overcome most, if not all, of other challenges and also eliminating the friction and costs of current intermediaries.


  • Currently, most medical institutions use outdated and inconvenient methods for handling medical data. This includes various e-health records, prescription drug data, insurance information, patient medical data. Improper data handling impacts patient treatment, as well as the speed of said treatment.
  • There is no  transparency between medical facilities, insurance providers, and patients.
  • Patient medical data is spread across many medical facilities, insurance providers, and doctors. Today, a patient’s medical records and history are sort of like puzzles. This jumbling of data leads to loss of integrity and accuracy.


Current Issues

Blockchain Healthcare Opportunities

Health Data Accuracy

No universal medical records for health data. Facilities keep their own records. This impacts the quality of treatment that patients may (or may not) receive.

The combination of Blockchain and healthcare can provide Blockchain medical records. The accuracy of treatment delivered can be greatly improved.

Health Data Security

As is, health data can easily be altered or changed with fraudulent intent. Additionally, data can be lost due to natural disasters or tampering.

Data records stored in a Blockchain are immutable (unchangeable after they are input). This alleviates the risk of data theft or mishandling. Health data in a Blockchain is secure from damage stemming from natural disasters due to there not being a central failure point.

Health Data Handling Costs

Excess funds and time go to handling mismanaged and disorganized hospital record databases.

Data in a Blockchain architecture is well kept and can be easily accessed by relevant parties at any point in time.

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